The charming taylors of the V-style inspire the festival people into a singalong at Laulurinne. No dress code.

The V-style leaves a certain aroma on its carrier. The blessed taylors of the style, members of the Kouvola-based rock band Viikate dress well, articulate their sentences clearly and behave appropriately charmigly. They drink cognac – albeit cut – and, under the cover of their deep sense of irony, joke about everything. Even death.

Viikate's national romantic, heavy metal-influenced sound has twisted rautalanka music, a sort of 60s instrumental rock'n'roll, into an entirely new shape. The quartet hasn't let itself be strangled by the tradition-conscious genre but has updated it into a unique style of their own. It is, indeed, a skill to make a song about death so lively that it makes a summer festival audience spontaneously join in a singalong. Viikate is so damn charming that daughters have to let their mothers to see the gigs, too.

So join the singalong, sing the load off your chest and shake the necrosis off your legs. On no account is there a dress code.

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