Ville Leinonen & Majakan soittokunta

Breathtaking tones from beyond reality

Ville Leinonen is a strange creature. During his multifaceted career this Serge Gainsbourg of Finland has conducted himself as a seductive cowboy prince, overly romantic, poetic soul, confident rock star and the reformer of folk music. Although he has already made various musical excursions, you can't help but think there is still a lot ahead. The pieces of his career will probably come together years from now when his whole discography is released in one, gigantic package that takes days to listen to. And it might be that the carrying idea there will be surprisingly vivid.

With his new record Majakanvartijan uni ("The Sleep of the Lighthouse Keeper") Ville Leinonen returns to the fountains of his career. Raastinlauluja ("Grater Songs"), released thirteen years ago, was a collage of completely unique, challenging, startling eruptions of music. Majakanvartijan uni continues with the same ambitious touch. The songs are dreamy fragments of a story that never actually made it to the record. The music is overwhelmingly melodic and safe, but at the same time surreal and fantastic. The atmospheres float from childhood and strawberry fields to abandoned space stations. For live performances Leinonen gathers around him The Majakan soittokunta ("The Orchestra of the Lighthouse") who take the floating songs into whole new spheres. The performances of the line-up have charmed listeners where ever this crew has come ashore.

With his latest album Leinonen has deservedly gained his place along the eminent Finnish singer-songwriters. What is even better, however, is that he has potential to be a lot, lot more. And at Ilosaarirock Festival, with Majakan Soittokunta, he will prove just that.

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Ville Leinonen & Majakan soittokunta