Ziggi (NLD)

When the future's almost too bright

Don't be surprised at this summer's Ilosaarirock Festival if, at Rento Stage, you meet a man who never takes off his sunglasses. He's not wearing shades because of the sunshine or because he wants to look like a celebrity, but because of his future that's so bright it must almost make him blind. In spite of his young age, Ziggi, who is now living in The Netherlands but originally comes from the island of St. Eustatius located in the Caribbean Sea, has already enjoyed a remarkable success in the European reggae circles. The entire Old Continent seems helpless before this singer and his traditionalist sound and impossibly atmospheric songs. Ziggi has released two albums and toured all the important reggae festivals and events in Europe.

The secrets of Ziggi's success are the stylish production of his albums, his melodic songs and his sweatily intensive live shows. It's a high time to get this future reggae superstar performing on Rento Stage before that soapbox becomes too small for him.


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