Mar 25, 2010
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Faith No More and Biffy Clyro to Ilosaarirock Festival

Two awaited guests from abroad have been added to the Ilosaarirock line-up: Faith No More (USA) and Biffy Clyro (UK) will join us in Laulurinne! Along with the living legends of modern rock and the Scottish rising rock stars, the Joensuu-based festival, arranged on July 16 - 18, has announced a bunch of new Finnish additions. The presale starts on Tuesday April 6, and a two-day ticket for the festival costs 75 euros.

Patton is back in town

Faith No More from California is a band that keeps increasing its value year in, year out. It's the object of heart-touching respect almost everywhere in the world. The band's unusual mixture of alternative metal, funk and artistic ambition brings together metal heads and pop kids, youth and the more mature rock fans. It seems impossible not to like Faith No More. With their six studio albums, they have made a lasting impact on the development of rock music to take just one example, it is difficult to imagine nu-metal without Faith No More's influence.

Frontman Mike Patton is not visiting Ilosaarirock Festival for the first time. In 2008, the almost unbearably charismatic lead singer lit a capacity crowd on fire in the YleX marquee with Mondo Cane and a symphony orchestra. During the history of Ilosaarirock Festival, a similar collective ecstasy has hardly been experienced as the one that prevailed when Mr. Patton was reinterpreting the evergreens of Italian pop. But when Faith No More takes to the stage at Ilosaarirock Festival, something even better can be expected.

Biffy Clyro, the next really big thing

Biffy Clyro from Scotland is rising at enormous speed to be one the biggest names of the current international rock scene. The melodic rock trio is known to be a merciless live act with a frighteningly loyal fan base. The band's success is based on relentless gigging and uncompromised devotion to their audience. Their long, hard work was rewarded when their fourth album Puzzle went gold in the UK, and their latest release from late 2009, Only Revolutions, has boosted their international success into new heights. Right now, everyone wants to have their share of Biffy.

– Biffy Clyro is predicted to be the next really big thing on the trails of such names as Foo Fighters and Muse. Almost all the bigger festivals tried to book the band this summer, so we're especially happy to have them in Ilosaarirock, says Panu Hattunen from Joensuu Pop Musicians' Association.


Tickets for Ilosaarirock Festival 2010 will be available after Easter, on Tuesday April 6. The two-day ticket from presale costs 75 euros. From abroad you can buy Ilosaarirock Festival tickets via Tiketti at

– In Ilosaarirock Festival we want to bring out fresh names that are about to become major-league artists, such as Biffy Clyro. In terms of line-up, this year has been good to us. It's amazing that we also have a chance to present artists such as Faith No More and Bad Religion in Joensuu during one weekend. We are coming along so well with this year's line-up that the tickets will be available already in the beginning of April, a month earlier than usual. There are still a few bands unannounced but it's looking very good, says Panu Hattunen.

More information about the bands and the Ilosaarirock Festival can be found on the festival website

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