Ilosaari loves Radiopuhelimet

During the last quater of a century a lot of bands have been born and have disappeared. Yet one is and remains: Radiopuhelimet. At precisely two o’clock the group stormed the Sue-stage under the guidance of the vocalist J.A. Mäki. An hour later it was time to pick up your jaw from the floor and breathe deep for a moment.

The group’s combination of punk’s fury with funk’s groove is becoming better and better as the group matures. Whereas many oldschool artists disappoint with their new material, this is not the case with Radiopuhelimet. New songs were presented with merciless fury, and older fans were treated with a selection of classics from their previous albums. Complemented by tight drumming and edgy guitar-playing, J.A. Mäki was more of a charismatic preacher than just a vocalist.

Once you’ve been bitten, there’s no coming back from the clutches of Radiopuhelimet. In their new album Radiopuhelimet states they love you, and the feeling is not one-sided. The group set the bar high for the next bands to play at the Sue-stage. This year the standards are very high.

Jukka Kastinen
Translation: Juha Ekholm