15th-17th July 2011 Joensuu, Finland

Accommodation During Ilosaarirock Festival

Ravileirintä camping and Niittyleirintä camping

There are two official camping sites close to the Ilosaarirock Festival site. The Ravileirintä camping is located at the horse track lawn next to Laulurinne. The other official camping site is called Niittyleirintä camping. It is located next to the horse track, on the other side of the Linnunlahdentie road and next to the Palloilukeidas sports hall. Both these camping sites are managed by the Joensuu Pop Musicians' Association, who also organises the Ilosaarirock Festival.

The Ravileirintä and Niittyleirintä camping sites are reserved only for Ilosaarirock Festival goers and therefore only people who have a valid Ilosaarirock Festival ticket or wristband can stay there. You can change your ticket for a wristband on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at ticket change points (see map) along Linnunlahdentie street.

Water taps, campfire places, food stalls, and toilets have been arranged for the festival goers staying at the official camping sites during the festival.

Note that it is possible to stay only in tents on the camping green. Camper vans and caravans have their own designated areas on the horse track sand. Don't forget that spending the night in tents or cars outside camping sites is forbidden.

In order to be accommodated at the Ravileirintä or Niittyleirintä camping you have to fill in the accommodation form. The accommodation form will be updated here closer the festival.

When checking in to the camping area you will be given plastic bags to collect your garbage in. Please do collect your garbage in the bags and take them to the recycling points. Let's keep the area clean! If you run out of plastic bags, you can get more at the info point of the Ravileirintä or Niittyleirintä camping.

Dangerous objects and substances are not allowed in the festival area nor in the camping areas. Note that it is also forbidden to bring barbecue grills, sofas and other large furniture in the camping areas. The purpose of the camping areas is to provide a place for accommodation and sleeping, so anything that will considerably disturb other people, such as using trash bins as drums, is not allowed. Ilosaarirock Festival reserves the right to remove from the camping areas any persons who do not follow these guidelines.

The opening hours and prices at the camping sites

The Ravileirintä camping site is open from Thu 14 July 6 pm to Mon 18 July at 12 noon. Price for camping is 30 € / person.

The Niittyleirintä camping site is open from Fri 15 July 12 noon to Mon 18 July at 12 noon. Price for camping is 30 € / person.

We accept cash only, and naturally warmly welcome even sums. Debit cards, Visa Electron, and credit cards are not accepted.

For information about Ravileirintä or Niittyleirintä camping:

Showers are located at Vesikko swimming hall and Kuntoilukeidas

With your Ilosaarirock wristband you can swim and use shower at Vesikko swimming hall for a price of 3,5 euros. Vesikko is open on Friday from 6am to 8pm, on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 5pm and on Monday from 6am onwards. At Kuntoilukeidas sports hall you can use shower for 2 euros.

Breakfast in Kuntoilukeidas sports hall

The official Ilosaarirock Festival breakfast is served in Kuntoilukeidas hall center which is located near Ravileirintä and Niittyleirintä camping sites. The breakfast includes bread, fresh vegetables, eggs, juice, and coffee etc. Breakfast is served on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 2pm and it costs 8 euros.

School Accommodation

School accommodation is an inexpensive way to spend the nights comfortably during the Ilosaarirock Festival. It is dedicated only for Ilosaarirock Festival goers, so be prepared to show your festival ticket or wristband as you arrive. School accommodation is open from Friday 15 July 3pm to Monday 18 July 12 noon.

Price for school accommodation is 15 € / person / one night, 23 € / person / two nights and 33 € / person / three nights.

The price includes a soft mattress and a shower facility. Other services available for those accommodating at the school and gym hall are a guarded cloakroom and a café in which you can also have a sturdy breakfast.

Advance bookings for school accommodation will be taken at the office of the Joensuu Pop Musicians' Association approximately from Midsummer onwards. More detailed information about bookings and prices will be updated on this page soon.

The festival bus service that runs between the railway station and the festival site will stop at the school accommodation on Friday and also on Saturday morning.

Linnunlahti Camping

Linnunlahti Camping is a camping site owned by City of Joensuu and located right next to Laulurinne and main gate of festival site. At the camping site, you can stay in a cottage or bring your own tent or caravan.

Prices for Linnunlahti Camping:
Wed 13 July to Mon 20 July => 60 € / person
Thu 14 July to Mon 20 July => 50 € / person
Fri 15 July to Mon 20 July => 50 € / person

More information and bookings:

Hotels in Joensuu

Joensuu's hotels will be booked full during Ilosaarirock Festival, so make your queries well in advance. You can ask for prices and vacancies at the following hotels:

Hotelli Aada
Kauppakatu 32
80100 Joensuu
tel. +358 13 256 2200
e-mail: if.adaaletoh@teskuaravenouh

Hotelli Atrium
Siltakatu 4
80100 Joensuu
tel. +358 13 255 888
e-mail: if.muirtailletoh@ulevlapitnyym

Torikatu 16
80100 Joensuu
e-mail: if.ratsneerg@ofni

Hotelli Karelia
Kauppakatu 25
80100 Joensuu
tel. +358 13 2526 200
e-mail: if.ailerakilletoh@ofni

Sokos Hotel Kimmel
Itäranta 1
80100 Joensuu
tel. +358 20 123 4663
e-mail: if.kos@lemmik.letohsokos

Sokos Hotel Vaakuna
Torikatu 20
80100 Joensuu
tel. +358 20 123 4661
e-mail: if.sletohsokos@uusneoj.anukaav

KuntoHovi Spa Hotel
Nepenmäenkatu 2
80200 Joensuu
tel. +358 13 17 221

Hotelli Wanha Jokela
Torikatu 26
80100 Joensuu
tel. +358 13 122 891

Apartamentos Joensuu
Torikatu 47
80100 Joensuu
tel. +358 13 224 886

Summer Hotel Elli
Länsikatu 18
80110 Joensuu
tel. +358 13 225 927
e-mail: if.illeletohremmus@ofni

Finnhostel Joensuu/ISLO
Kalevankatu 8
80110 Joensuu
tel. +358 13 267 5076 or +358 13 267 5083
e-mail: if.snj.olsi@letsohnnif

Scouts' Youth Hostel
Vanamokatu 25
80130 Joensuu
tel. +358 13 123 381
e-mail: ten.uusneoj-letsohhtuoy@tcatnoc

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