15th-17th July 2011 Joensuu, Finland


Twenty-year-old cornerstone

Apulanta and rock festivals is truly a winning combination. The band's repertoire includes such a wide range of hits that they'd probably be able to play for the Ilosaarirock audience for hours, and still many favorites would be left unheard. Even those who don't actively follow the band know a bunch of choruses by heart, that's how catchy they are.

Like Ilosaarirock Festival, Apulanta celebrates its anniversary in 2011: the band's been around for full twenty years. During this time the young punk rockers have evolved into one of the cornerstones of the Finnish rock music, never forgetting their roots yet always moving forward. They're also known for their strong work ethic having toured and released actively throughout their career. This way they've been able to charm new fans while keeping the old ones hooked – talk about DIY success.

In the spring 2011 the band returned from a 14-month break and the reunion is no doubt greeted joyfully by both the band and their audience. Apparently, Apulanta has also had time to pop by at the recording studio and so we dare to expect to hear new material during the summer, in one form or the other. In any case, the band's performance at Ilosaarirock Festival is guaranteed to be a glorious celebration of the double anniversary!

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