15th-17th July 2011 Joensuu, Finland

Gentleman (GER)

Soulful roots reggae from Germany

Gentleman, who was born as Tillman Otto, is quite possibly the best-known German reggae artist there has ever been. He has released five albums, of which Confidence, released in 2003, made it to the top of German album charts, but his popularity is not limited to Germany only: his endless tours tend to extend from Central Europe to South America, and even the spoilt audiences in the USA have embraced this charismatic artist. Gentleman is, indeed, at his best onstage with his band. With more than one thousand shows under his belt, he has developed into one of the finest performers of present-day roots reggae who can conquer any heart in any part of the world with his great songs and mindful presence. This summer, the man finally makes his way to Finland and puts the continents into a new order at Rento Stage.

Gentleman's music is deeply rooted in the tradition of roots reggae, but the man can also burst all of a sudden into a very convincing dancehall toasting. Lyrics are often about social issues: religious conflicts, the dramatically deteriorating state of nature and the anxiety of people starving and suffering in oblivion. Quite aptly, his 2010 album Diversity is dedicated to tolerance, solidarity and mutual respect. Hooky, energetic songs and a melancholic singing voice make Gentleman a true European reggae super star who, with his genre-transgressing style, has been compared to no one else than Bob Marley. If you think that genuine roots reggae can only come from Jamaica, meet Gentleman. We can guarantee it's a nice surprise.

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