15th-17th July 2011 Joensuu, Finland

Kate Nash (UK)

My best friend is you, and you, and you

Kate Nash belongs to the crème de la crème of talented young British singer-songwriters and is riding high on the revolution started by Duffy and Lily Allen. Her career started off with a bang: the debut album Made of Bricks sold platinum, the hit single Foundations went No. 2 on the charts and, at the Brit Awards 2008, Nash ran away with the title for the Best British Female Artist. As was the case with other rival sisters of the same generation, Nash's popularity was also preceded by an excited murmur in MySpace and various other social media. None of the commotion was unfounded, either. Kate Nash is an extremely talented songwriter and a confident singer with an original voice.

The debut album charmed the British audience off its warts with its piano-based indie pop and Nash's sincere stories, but her second, My Best Friend is You, shows that the singer's charisma is powerful enough to work far beyond the old Blighty. There is a lot of soul in the album, produced by the former Suede guitarist Bernard Butler, but at times the maverick, rioty songs rock almost like punk. Picture-perfect pop tracks sound deceptively simple and easy at first, but for an attentive listener, they've got hooks in abundance. All this is topped with unarming self-assurance. It makes your head spin to think that all these perfectly shaped, bold songs have been penned by such a young musician.

Live, Kate Nash is a tempting fusion between a wonderfully playful little fairy and a highly professional pop musician. Her springy act rounds off a sunny day at Ilosaarirock Festival perfectly. Come and meet your new best friends at Kate's party!

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Kate Nash
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