15th-17th July 2011 Joensuu, Finland


Kotiteollisuus – bolder than ever

Kotiteollisuus has grown into a robust Finnish institution. On their latest, self-titled album the band delves deeper in the collective soul of our nation. The lyrics explore national traumas and tragedies of the male population while the tones resonate strongly in the customary minor key. The fact that the band has even launched their very own sausage brand fits the picture almost too well: are you guys, like, serious?

It'd be easy to criticize Kotiteollisuus for selling out and intentionally wooing the audience, but those who are familiar with the band know better. Even if the lads play with stupid clichés and pull inane stunts in public, they keep up this public image with a twinkle in their eyes, always laughing at themselves first. And most importantly, the band never mixes that laid-back attitude with their musical stance; their albums are made with passion and concentration. This can also be heard on the latest, self-titled album which presents Kotiteollisuus bolder than ever. You've got to respect a band which – after releasing eleven albums and long after paying its dues – still has the courage to challenge itself. That's the famous "sisu" for you.

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