15th-17th July 2011 Joensuu, Finland

Ojos De Brujo (SPA)

Songs of freedom

Barcelona 1996. The basements in the neighbourhood of Raval are home to jamming nights where musicians from South Europe, North Africa and Latin America meet. In these sessions, a number of bands are born, and one of them is Ojos de Brujo. They make mayhem in the flamenco tradition by adding to it influences from Indian and Afro-Cuban music and even ska, reggae and hip hop. For flamenco purists, this sort of ground-breaking fusionism and the band's anarchic live shows are a shock, but gig-goers and record-buyers have their own opinion of the matter. Ojos de Brujo's music urges the audience to stand up and make a statement against injustice and oppression, but it also urges everyone to dance.

Barcelona 2011. Ojos de Brujo have achieved all that there is to achieve for a world music band: sold out concert halls, shows on six continents, awards, number one hits and gold records. It's time to call it quits when it can't get any better. The band has decided to make one last tour, and Ilosaarirock Festival has the honour to be one of the stops along the way. Ojos de Brujo's got many languages, but the message is universal: you're free to break the barriers and to think, but more than anything, you're free to dream.

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Ojos De Brujo
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