15th-17th July 2011 Joensuu, Finland

Raappana & Sound Explosion Band

All smiles and light

Raappana is one of the finest Finnish rhythm musicians of the moment. His second album Maapallo, released in autumn 2010, went straight to the top of the official Finnish album chart, and the venues he played were packed full. But this man is no one hit wonder. Raappana has worked on his music for years, and that can be heard in the result. The Finnish reggae community named him as the artist of the year already in 2005. The debut album was released in 2007, and since then Raappana has toured clubs and festivals with Sound Explosion Band, Pouta Sound System and Bommitommi, refining his art towards perfection.

On Maapallo, Raappana smoothly combines organic reggae, more electronic dancehall and lyrical subjects of everyday life in his northern home country. He has the gift of creating a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere even when he's singing about serious matters something that's not too common in these latitudes. Moreover, Raappana works with the best musicians and producers of the Finnish rhythm scene and all this combined results in a unique gem of Finnish reggae. The same expertise can be seen onstage: performing live, Raappana knows how to dazzle the audience, possibly even outshining the festival sun itself. Come along, dance your feet off and smile yourself silly!

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