15th-17th July 2011 Joensuu, Finland


Smiles, bliss and heavenly beautiful pop music

The Helsinki-based Rubik's career got a proper kick-start when already their first EP received ecstatic reviews both from the media and music lovers. The praises contained a clear message: an outstandingly talented group with a chance to achieve anything had been formed in Finland. Rubik's art rock embodies something very original and very non-Finnish, be it the winsome positivity or the exceptional intellect peeping behind the seemingly light song material. The group's music rises above the distortion-heavy Finnrock like a helium balloon, charming listeners all around the world.

On their third full-length album, Solar, released in the spring 2011, Rubik dives deeper into the limpid pool of indie pop they've created over the years. The fantastically colorful arrangements are united with the bubbly melodies with great skill and ease: the closest bands of comparison might be the master of naïve alternative, The Flaming Lips, or possibly Mercury Rev at its very lightest. Those planning to attend Rubik's gig at Ilosaarirock Festival may brace themselves for a spiritual experience with the heavenly beautiful pop music captivating the senses and gratifyingly tickling the hidden corners of the pleasure center. Ecstatic smiles and squeals of delight are to be expected.

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