15th-17th July 2011 Joensuu, Finland


The great Finnish metal men

Stam1na is something that Finnish metal music craves. They are skilled, endlessly diligent, rebellious and original but, in the midst of all this, don't take themselves too seriously. These metal maniacs, from the woods of Eastern Finland, upgrade year by year and album by album, increasing their popularity as they go. Their loyal – and enormous – fan base strengthens the belief in the intelligence of Finnish music lovers as these guys don't let anyone get away with their music too easily. The boyish pranking, hilarious videos and the occasional nudity don't cover the fact that Stam1na's music and thought-provoking lyrics are something to take very seriously. Their latest album Viimeinen Atlantis (The Last Atlantis) comments on the destruction of nature and consumer culture in a way that is not to say the least a very common theme in metal music lyrics. However, the fact that Viimeinen Atlantis charted number one on the Finnish album charts, topping huge names such as HIM, tells something about Stam1na's success.

Hard-edged thrash, progressive riffs and choruses sized of an ocean this is what Stam1na brings on the stages of Finnish festivals this summer. These guys are taking a break on touring this spring only to tune up their live act into metal euphoria on their upcoming summer tour. We are more than proud to welcome Stam1na to Ilosaarirock Festival!

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