15th-17th July 2011 Joensuu, Finland

Villa Nah

Synth Pop Renaissance

Admittedly, lots of things that were hot in the Eighties should be mercifully forgotten, but the sound of synth bands of that era still has romantic allure to the modern listener, a certain quality of warmth long gone in the over-produced pop of today. But a stroll down the memory lane does not need to be a camp act or a bunch of over-nostalgic old wives' tales: a stylish take on the subject, approved even by the hippest 2000s hipsters, is offered by Villa Nah.

Villa Nah is made up of two childhood friends, Tomi Hyyppä and Juho Paalosmaa. The debut album Origin (2010) did not leave room for speculation: it was beyond the Finnish borders where this combo was destined for, and in just about a year, the babies have already come a long way. Villa Nah has become a household name in the foreign music press, and synth pop veterans like The Human League keep calling and begging Villa Nah to join them on tour.

Origin, produced by Tomi, Juho and Jori Hulkkonen, is a meeting ground for some sharp song-writing, a perfect sense for pop melodies and the heartbreaking, soul-stabbing synthesizer sounds of your 1980s salad days. Villa Nah's sound pattern is pure, timeless and unhurried, inviting you to stop and listen.

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Villa Nah
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