The Exploited is not dead!

The Sue Stage tent is filled to the brim when the punk legend The Exploited takes the stage. It’s been a long time waiting for this: the familiar red mohawk and the Scottish accent which sometimes seems indistinguishable. The tent is full of young and old punkers and all sorts of wonderful nutcases. The Exploited, at Ilosaarirock, Joensuu. I was there.

If you’re not familiar with The Exploited, here are the essentials in a nutshell, from a very subjective perspective. This Scottish band was founded in 1979 and their first album Punk’s Not Dead came out in 1981. By far their tightest album is Troops of Tomorrow from 1982. After that they released a couple of uneven records and shifted their style towards trash metal. Their newest release is Fuck the System from 2003 and they’re working on a follow-up. If you for some reason want to put the Exploited in a genre, it would probably be the second coming of British punk, hardcore. This style was fronted by the band Discharge.

What’s there to sa about the gig? It was like steel. Like iron chains. Like hammers and drills and everything that produces loud noises and is f*****g macho and turbocharged. The band had a lot of energy and ploughed through the songs with appropriate rage and without breaks. Troops of Tomorrow, UK 82 and U.S.A. gave me the shivers, as did Punk’s Not Dead, Sex and Violence and Exploited Barmy Army. The guitarist might have gone for a few solos too many, but we’ll let that slide. Was it me, an atmospheric track from the album Fuck the System, ended the awesome gig.

Don’t mess with the Exploited Barmy Army!

Text: Ville Räisänen
Translation: Alma Tuominen

Aihe: In English.