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Lake Kuorinka

Ilosaarirock is committed to minimize its carbon foorprint and to pay compensation for its greenhouse gas emissions. The aim of the festival is to be carbon neutral and environmentally friendly. However, it isn't possible to make a zero emissions festival. This is why the annual emissions, which will hopefully diminish, are compensated. The compensation is directed to North Karelian environmental conservation work.

According to the tariffs, the compensation for the Ilosaarirock Festival 2011 is 1500 euros. Together with the experts of the UNESCO's North Karelia Biosphere Reserve program, Ilosaarirock decides annually the project that receives the compensation.

In 2012, the project to receive the compensaton is the lake named Kuorinka, situated close to Joensuu.


Clean water is vital for all life, both for human beings and nature. Lake Kuorinka is an important water system in the Natura 2000 program, and a beloved place for north Karelian nature lovers. The lake is affected by eutrophication which is clearly close to its recreation area: reeds are spreading in large areas. There are further signs of eutrophication in other parts of the lake as well. The eutrophication of this naturally clean lake is caused by nutrients that come from outside sources.

What is going to be done?

With the compensation funds from Ilosaarirock, the lake is going to be reaped of reeds. The aim of the conservation work is to remove excess vegetation and stop the lake from degrading further. At the same time the conservation workers are going to be looking at ways of reducing the amount of extra nutrients in the lake. The work will continue until 2013.