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65daysofstatic (UK)

Hey, do you fancy good music? Then lend an ear to the British instrumental band 65daysofstatic and make sure to be there when they play their first-ever gig in Finland in July at the Ilosaarirock Festival. The band, in existence since 2001, has released five studio albums and so far steered clear from radio hits and mainstream lists. However, in the circles of those in the know they have a reputation as THE band making Music with a capital M and putting quality before posing. Often compared to Mogwai and Aphex Twin, 65daysofstatic excels in electronic, instrumental post-rock where glockenspiels and heavy bass riffs go join forces in perfect harmony.

Within just one song, 65daysofstatic can take the listener from action-packed moods of old console games to dramatic movie themes. But if you really had just one word to describe the band's music, that word would be BIG. 65ofstatic's songs are invariably massive and full of emotion. Don't believe it? Listen to Protector or Retreat! Retreat! and experience your mind change by their might.

Overpowering, overwhelming, but above all, so stupendous as to leave you speechless. No wonder 65daysofstatic's songs don't require any lyrics.