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Against Me! (USA)

Against Me! are a Florida based punk band formed in 1997. This intensely attitudinal group made a long career under independent record labels until they signed with Sire Records in 2006. Their career with the major label started sweetly: their releases climbed the charts, Conan O'Brien wanted them on his show and Spin Magazine chose their album New Wave the album of the year in 2007. The band released two albums with Sire. However, in 2010 they decided to leave Sire and take some time to figure things out. As a result, Against Me! decided to continue more independent than ever, and at the moment they are in their very own studio, recording their sixth album that will be released on their own label.

Against Me! spice their raging punk with alternative rock and their most melodic moments remind of Foo Fighters. It is no surprise, then, that Against Me! have toured with Dave Grohl and co. in the US. The band’s roots are quite untypically acoustic, and traces of this can still be heard in their songs. Under the rampage, there is loads of catchiness and even elements that resemble classic rock – some have compared these elements to no other than Bruce Springsteen. Nonetheless, when playing live, Against Me! are quite more distorted and coarse than The Boss. With the experience of over two thousand gigs under their belt, this band kicks ass, hard. And when you add political lyrics and volcanic energy to the intense playing and brilliant songs, you cannot go wrong!

Against Me!