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Iiris (EST)

Regina Spektor, Florence and the Machine, Björk, even Kate Bush – all these names, along with many others, have been associated with 20-year-old Iiris Vesik, but actually the pixie-like figure only sounds like herself. Iiris, with her original and edgy (whichever sense of the word you like: 'jumpy', 'intense' or 'novel') electronic pop, hails from Estonia, the hottest pop music country in Europe right now.

There's no doubt that Iiris' music is also destined to international market. Melyse, the first single of her debut album The Magic Gift Box, coming out in the end of March, has already hit the airwaves in Finland. Iiris has paid a few visits to her neighbouring country and charmed the local pop connoisseurs with her live performances – to be precise, the praise and rave reviews awarded to her would have gotten a less sane head spinning. Iiris' natural stage presence has something wonderfully addictive, while her singing voice and her daring arrangements divide opinions like Moses divided the Red Sea.

At Ilosaarirock Festival, Iiris is standing on the shoulders of giants, as this has also been the festival ground to welcome eccentric British stars Imogen Heap and Kate Nash, among others. But that's enough comparisons with other female artists for this female artist, as Iiris is, all in all, in a class of her own with her unreserved and unique quality. Be there and be spellbound!