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Looptroop Rockers (SWE)

Looptroop Rockers from Sweden has been performing their political hip hop for more than twenty years now. Founded in 1991 as simply Looptroop, they added “Rockers” to their name in 2007 when long-time member CosM.I.C. exited the combo, only to rejoin his chums Promoe, Supreme and DJ Embee a few years later.

Looptroop Rockers has for a long time had a special place in the hearts of Finnish hip hop fans, and for a reason, too. Performances by this experienced, extremely charismatic band are sheer big bangs of live energy that doesn't require an understanding of the message of the (often Swedish) lyrics to be enjoyed. But message, that's something that Looptroop Rockers have oozes of. The band's continuously increasing international success is based not only on their great songs, but also their underground-minded, provocative lyrics and polemic slogans, such as the song title Jag sköt Palme (“I shot Palme”). At Looptroop's sweaty gigs, catchline after another are spat straight at the audience's faces, but the vibes are always positive and the pseudo-aggressive bluster of mainstream hip hop is delightfully nonexistent.

Last year's stylish album Professional Dreamers showed that Looptroop Rockers know their roots and can – even with a twenty-year career under their belts – still fabricate the toughest hip hop in Europe. Rento Stage, do lend an ear!

Looptroop Rockers