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Modeselektor (GER)

Berlin, the principal European hothouse of electronic music, has enriched the world with spectacular volumes of buzz and boom, but if you ask people at Ilosaarirock Festival, the Modeselektor duo is the best that the city has given us since currywurst.

Ever since mid-1990s, the merry chaps of Modeselektor have had the good judgment to confuse time and again the dance scene, often unfortunately narrow-minded and cliquey in their tastes. Whether the genre is breakbeat, experimental electro or even hiphop, Modeselektor always have a couple of aces up their sleeve to fill up the dance floor instantly. They did dubstep before the term was invented, and on their latest album Monkeytown, their delivery again surpasses all boundaries, yet never forgets a playful twinkle in the eye. Artists featuring on the album include alternative hiphop gang Antipop Consortium, but a couple of songs later, anti-pop is complemented by pure pop, assisted by a certain Thom Yorke. Experimenting and jumping gleefully over the fences is Modeselektor's driving force.

As the duo has toured like live wire all over the world and electrified audiences in numerous countries for more than ten years now, there's no need to be afraid that their smart beats wouldn't hit even the apparently stiff Finnish audience like zillion volts. Modeselektor's Ilosaarirock Festival setup will feature massive production and an enormous dancing party. Electronic music with a smile – what's not to like?