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Rival Sons (USA)

Rival Sons' music is pure eroticism blasting over the PA! This blues rock explosion, hailing from Los Angeles, treads in the steps of Led Zeppelin and Flamin' Groovies, but is not in debt to anyone. Rival Sons' debut album is a collection of brilliant hard rock sing-alongs in classic boogie style that have been disappointingly few and far between since the 1970s. Though the band's sex-soaked energy is already present on their recordings, a true surprise is on offer at the live occasion. The charismatic vocalist Jay Buchanan oozes the qualities of an old-school rock'n'roll god, and the trio on his side playing shameless riff-rock is unbelievable in its style and precision.

Rival Sons is worth seeing live right now. They are not yet big enough to only play gigs where the audience needs binoculars to actually see them, but in all likelihood, they soon will be. Right at this moment, however, they are hungry, not afraid to put themselves at stake, and full of sweat and ecstasy. After all overproduced button-pushing, would you like to be served some honest rock music for a change? Meet the Rival Sons and just dig in!

Rival Sons