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Tanya Stephens (JAM)

Tanya Stephens from Jamaica brings a breath of intelligent and tolerant air to the masculine, often unnecessarily bragging and aggressive dancehall scene. Stephens, who was born in Kingston in 1973, has made a long career in reggae, dancehall and other urban rhythm music, and her stardom in the Caribbean was definitely established already with her 1990s hit You Nuh Ready Fi Dis Yet. Internationally, her first hit was with the melancholically catchy single It's a Pity.

Unlike many of her male colleagues, Tanya Stephens does not stick to the most hackneyed dancehall clichés. Themes of her songs include the regrettably widespread homophobia in Jamaica and other less well advertised social injustices. Her records are wonderful, but to see Tanya Stephens really shine, you have to watch her sing live. This stylish vocalist is an extremely confident performer, able to capture the audience in five seconds and hold their attention until the very last notes have died down. The Rento stage is definitely the right environment for Tanya Stephens' bright and relaxed tunes. Jamaica's best delivered directly to your front door!

Tanya Stephens