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Dear Journalists

Every year, approximately 200 representatives of Finnish and international media converge on Joensuu to take part in Ilosaarirock Festival. In 2012, the festival will be held on July 13-15.

For more information on everything about Ilosaarirock Festival, please contact if.kcoriraasoli@aidem.

Media accreditation

Please find underneath the link to a digital accreditation request form for Ilosaarirock 2012.

Accreditation of representatives of foreign medias is continuous, so you will be contacted in due time. Note: there is a limited number of accreditations available.

You can direct all your questions to us at if.kcoriraasoli@aidem.

Check in

You can collect your press passes, including a photo lisence, from the check in -point, which is situated at the lobby of the near-by ice hall. Please see the map.

Check in opening hours:

Joensuun Pop Musicians' Association office at Rantakatu 9, Joensuu (see Google Maps):
Wednesday 11th July from 12am to 5pm
Thursday 12th July from 12am to 5pm

Ice hall lobby:
Friday 13th July from 3pm to 10pm
Saturday 14th July from 10am to 8pm
Sunday 15th July from 11am to 5pm

Media Centre – location and services

The Media Centre (Mediakeidas in Finnish) is located in the backstage area of the main stage. The Media Centre will be open on Friday from 6pm to 10pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 12 noon to 10pm. It is also possible to arrange special opening hours, but preferably well in advance. Your visits to the Media Centre can be work-related, but you can also go there just to rest from the seething crowds.

When coming to the Media Centre, please use the gate on the right side (when facing the stage) of the Main Stage. You can also use the gate on the right side of the Sue Stage (when facing the stage). At the Media Centre you will find four laptop spots with Internet connections and one printer. The computers are meant mainly for writing articles and transferring photos. In case you need any extra devices, please contact the staff: if.kcoriraasoli@aidem / tel. +358 41 750 2652.

Interview requests and the artist area

Interview requests for both Finnish and foreign artists must be made directly to the artist's record company. You will find the contact information below. If necessary, the staff at Media Centre will forward requests to artists.

The media representatives do not have a direct access to the backstage artist areas. The main stage VIP tent and the Media Centre, for example, are good places to arrange interviews in. The Media Centre staff will help in all possible ways with arranging times and places for interviews.

Guidelines for photographers

A right to take photos is included in the Ilosaarirock Festival media pass. The basic rule on all stages is that with a media pass you can take photos with a flash ONLY from in front of the stage, i.e. between the stage and the security fence, during the first THREE songs.

The stage security personnel may have different guidelines from the ones stated above, because of the artists' wishes or security reasons. In order to get guidelines concerning each artist you have to arrive at the stage five minutes before a gig starts, at the latest. Photographers cannot go on the stage or on the stage constructions. Remember also that the security personnel are responsible for safety on stage and they need space to do their work effectively.

Guidelines for shooting video

Ilosaarirock Festival does not grant permissions for shooting video; that is why all video shooting permissions have to be asked directly from each artist's representative. You can shoot video in the festival area if those you are shooting agree on this. When shooting video, the unfortunate basic rule is that everything not permitted is forbidden.

Again, the stage security personnel may have different guidelines from the ones stated above, because of artists' wishes or security reasons. In order to get guidelines concerning each band you have to arrive at the stage five minutes before the gig starts at the latest. Camera personnel cannot go on the stage or the stage constructions. Remember also that the security personnel are responsible for safety on stage and they need space to do their work.

For more information

You can find general information on Ilosaarirock Festival, Joensuu Pop Musicians' Association, as well as the city of Joensuu at the Media Centre.

About Ilosaarirock Festival

Ilosaarirock Festival – an energetic and community-minded festival, always first and foremost about great music.

Started back in 1971, Ilosaarirock Festival is one of the oldest rock festivals in Europe. It is also one of the major music events in Finland: each year well over 20 000 festival-goers from all over Finland and Northern Europe head to Ilosaarirock. The festival site is situated in the city of Joensuu, about 60 km from the Finnish-Russian border. Ilosaarirock Festival has established a unique reputation among music enthusiasts for its combination of relaxed ambience, musical insight and professional dedication. Each year, some 80 bands play at the Festival's five stages and clubs. Ilosaarirock presents an original music programme which combines the brand new with the old and time-honoured as well as big names with more marginal ones. Year after year tickets have been sold out in advance, as music lovers from all over Europe have learned to rely on Ilosaarirock Festival's unbeatable combination of great atmosphere and the best and most fascinating artists from Finland and abroad.

Ilosaarirock is a member of YOUROPE – the European Festival Association.

Music through the years

Just a few of the names that Ilosaarirock Festival has presented over the years, many of them for the first time in Finland:

Agnostic Front • Anthrax • Aphex Twin • Auf der Maur • Bad Brains • Bad Religion • Blackalicious • Buzzcocks • Calexico • Capleton • The Cinematic Orchestra • Common • Converge • Cradle of Filth • DJ Shadow • DKT / MC5 • Danko Jones • The Darkness • Dark Tranquillity • Dizzee Rascal • Dj Krush • Dropkick Murphys • The Exploited • Faith No More • The Herbaliser • HIM • The Hives • Imogen Heap • In Flames • ISIS • Kid Koala • Killing Joke • Machine Head • Madness • Mogwai • Moonspell • Mudhoney • Muse • Napalm Death • Nasum • Nightwish • Ozric Tentacles • Mike Patton – Mondo Cane • Phoenix • Porcupine Tree • RJD2 • Raised Fist • Röyksopp • Sick of It All • The Skatalites • The Slackers • Sonic Youth • Suede • Amon Tobin • UNKLE • Saul Williams

Facts about the Ilosaarirock Festival 2012

Contact information of bands performing at Ilosaarirock Festival

Finnish artists

Press Photos – The Artists


Download JPEG-file
(4115 × 2744 px, 1,1 Mb)

Against Me!
Photo: Ryan Russell

Download JPEG-file
(5616 × 3744 px, 2,7 Mb)

Antony and the Johnsons
Photo: Mark Seliger

Download JPEG-file
(1200 × 1583 px, 1,4 Mb)

Antony and the Johnsons / Orchestra
Photo: Jan Erik Svendsen

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(1277 × 850 px, 311 kb)

Black Star
Photo: Mr. MASS /

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(1198 × 674 px, 967 Kb)


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First Aid Kit
Photo: Neil Krug

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(5000 × 3328 px, 2,4 Mb)

Goran Bregović
Photo: Nebojsa Babić

Download JPEG-file
(4872 × 6496 px, 2,1 Mb)

The Hives
Photo: Travis Schneider

Download JPEG-file
(4500 × 3000 px, 4,7 Mb)

Photo: Ben De Biel

Download JPEG-file
(4705 × 3671 px, 1,7 Mb)

Photo: Juha Mustonen

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(3744 × 5616 px, 2,7 Mb)

Looptroop Rockers
Photo: Boon Photography

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(5616 × 3744 px, 3,5 Mb)

Photo: Aline Miladinovich

Download JPEG-file
(805 × 655 px, 638 Kb)

Photo: Terése Andresson

Download JPEG-file
(5616 × 3744 px, 2,3 Mb)

Pulled Apart by Horses

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(6120 × 4530 px, 1,7 Mb)

Rival Sons

Download JPEG-file
(1280 × 854 px, 1,2 Mb)

Tanya Stephens

Download JPEG-file
(5387 × 5962 px, 2,3 Mb)

The xx
Photo: Aliya Naumoff

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(5400 × 3600 px, 3,5 Mb)

Press Photos – Ilosaarirock Festival

Ilosaarirock Festival 2012 poster

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(420 mm × 420 mm, 90 kb)

Download PNG-file
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Photo: Riikka Kurki

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(3500 × 2333 px, 1,3 Mb)

Photo: Markus Korpi-Hallila

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(2343 × 3498 px, 1,6 Mb)