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Jul 15, 2012
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Ilosaarirock Festival continues in calm moods

• 21 000 tickets sold for Saturday, some 20 000 sold for Sunday by the afternoon

The second day of Ilosaarirock Festival continues in a calm mood in Joensuu, Finland. A little under 20 000 tickets were sold for Sunday. Saturday saw some 21 000 festival-goers. The biggest crowd-pullers on Saturday were PMMP on the Main Stage, The xx – which drew the YleX Stage tent to maximum capacity – and the closing act, The Hives. Performing at Rento Stage, Finnish bands Stig, JVG and Elokuu also drew people to the beach. The indie princess Iiris received a cake at the end of her show, in honor of her birthday. The young Estonian singer was visibly delighted with the surprise.

The most anticipated shows on Sunday are Antony and the Johnsons, performing with the Joensuu City Orchestra, and Children of Bodom, whose singer, Aleksi Laiho, got out of hospital care only on Thursday.

According to Markku Pyykkönen, Executive Director of Joensuu Pop Musicians' Association, the organizers are very happy with the turnout and the festival.

– This summer has been difficult for festivals and we are very happy with the ticket sales. The one-day tickets returned after a very long time and they have been very popular. We've received very positive feedback from their return. We fell short from making a new all-time record for ticket sales by a few hundred tickets, but there were plenty of people here. Including the workers and bands, some 26 000 people were at the festival site yesterday. I think that's enough, Pyykkönen says.

There were some 5 000 campers at Ilosaarirock's own camping area. This was about 1 500 more than last year. The bump is partly explained by the lower average age of the audience, compared to last year.

Authorities happy with the festival organization

According to police and rescue services, this year's Ilosaarirock has been more peaceful than last year's. The first aid station has only had to tend very minor injuries, such as blisters and chafes. The police reported that Saturday was an average summer weekend night, with little extra work required by the festival. By midnight, they had received only 21 offense reports. There were some 37 incidents in Joensuu, with only two of those inside the festival area. Sobering stations had a total of 33 clients on Saturday. The average age of the festival crowd was somewhat lower that last year.

The new area behind Main Stage drew positive feedback from the festival-goers. Over 10 000 square meters of new area lessened the congestion at the festival and brought some much-needed sense of space. The festival-goers have also appreciated Ilosaarirock's emphasis on recycling.

For more information:

Executive Director Mr. Markku Pyykkönen
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PR Officer Mr. Petri Varis
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