Solid performance from Insomnium

I must confess that melodic death in its various incarnations has never truly been my cup of tea, so to speak. As a rule, all the bands have seemed endlessly self-repetitive, the albums polished to a point of sterility and the gigs somewhat routine, if not lacking in tempo. Unfortunately, the high tempo does not cover the lack of originality or soul.

But, and this is a major but, there’s always some exceptions to the rule, and I’m more than happy to say that Joensuu’s own Insomnium definitely is one such exception. The band’s music has never truly been purely melodic death, but has incorporated elements from different styles and sources. Especially the last two albums have been perfect examples on how to finetune and improve the wheel without reinventing everything.

The gig offered the same high quality that we’ve come to expect from Insomnium albums. It seemed however (to my untrained ears at least), that there were some minor difficulties with sound: a little feedback, and sometimes the guitars seemed to fade in and out under the bass and drum salvoes. The latter might have been less of problem and more due to my less than optimal place at the Sue Stage.

The problems (if they even were problems) did not bother the band’s faithful fan base, which had arrived in numbers to support to the local boys. The bassist-vocalist Sevänen maintained a good connection to home audience, and the showmanship and virtuoso solos of the guitarists added nicely to what was already a succesful gig. In the end, the listeners’ dedication to the band was rewarded with multiple encores.

Text: Jari Rytkönen
Pictures: Markus Korpi-Hallila

Aihe(et): In English.