Chisu Delivered Poetry and Food for Thought

Out of all the Finnish performers this weekend I had the highest expectations for Chisu. She writes her own lyrics and music and definitely is a strong personality. Her voice is that of an angel and on stage she is both sweet and flirtatious. She has all the ingredients in her possession to put on a truly memorable show.

Soon after Chisu finally got on stage in her sparkling jacket to raucous applause and began her set I knew that my high expectations were entirely justified. In fact, she may have even exceeded them considering that while I have always respected her talent she hasn’t been among my favorite artists. She was even more charming, skillful and brilliant than I could imagine. Her voice totally blew me away and I could have listened to it throughout the night. The fact that even the security personnel had their hands swaying in the air during Yksinäisen keijun tarina should give you some indication of this woman’s ability to move people.

Every single song of hers managed to really say something this evening, to really give you something worth thinking about. Kohtalon oma, for example, reminded us of the importance of maintaining your own sense of self – to live as you want to and not like others tell you to. ”You all have your own free fill, right?”, she said to the audience before the song. Yksinäisen keijun tarinan also had something current to contribute: with the song the artist reminded us how important it is to take care of other people as well as yourself, and to help a person in need before it’s too late. ”Kaikkialla huokausten kera toistettiin / Miksi se yhden hengen vaati ennen kuin me muistettiin / Ois paratiisi meillä täällä näin jos elettäisiin aina lähekkäin, or ”With sighs it was everywhere echoed / Why one life had to be lost before we remembered / We’d have paradise right here and now  / If only we’d always live together so closely”, as the lyrics went.

Summer, Ilosaarirock, happiness all around, and the fascinating Chisu on stage with her voice that lit up the entire Laulurinne. Could one ask for anything more?

Text: Elina Saarela
Translation: Jyrki Laitinen
Pictures: Terhi Hytönen and Markus Korpi-Hallila

Aihe(et): In English.