D-A-D put on a solid rock show

From: Mikael Ropponen
To: Jaakko Suvanto
Subject: Gig reviews in Ilosaari
Hi, I need a favor. Could you write a review of D-A-D? We had a writer lined up for it, but he says that he hates the band so much that he can’t do it.

And that is how I find myself standing next to the mixer tower, in front of Main Stage, waiting for the Danish rock band to start their gig.

I’m going to be brutally honest with you: I’m not much of a music guy. And before the email above, I’d never heard of D-A-D. So please keep that in mind when reading the review. What follows are some random observations from the gig. (I’m going to let you in on  a little secret: most of the reviews here are random observations from gigs. But unlike most of the reviews, I’m not going to mention the weather. And I’m not going to put a quote as a headline.)

The audience was definitely of an older vintage than the average Ilosaarirock crowd. But I guess that’s to be expected when the band in question has been formed some 30 years earlier. When the band took to the stage, you could see the mileage on the guys, most of which are over their forties. But with age comes confidence, and the gig proceeded steadily. Lead guitarist Jacob Binzer had a Slash-esque top hat, sans the mountain of frizzy hair, which was apt, as his big brother and lead singer Jesper Binzer had a voice not too unlike Axl Rose. Fortunately his similarities with the Guns n’ Roses lead man end there: Jesper handled the crowd quite nice and only admonished the audience about the lack of noise: “This doesn’t work. We need more volume!” Bass player Stig Pedersen clearly had a thing for basses with acrylic bases, and using them as excercise equipment. During the band’s live version of their radio hit I Want What She’s Got, Jesper made clear to the audience that drummer Laust Sonne had something that we wanted. After thirty years on the road, the guys know their stuff, and all in all the gig was a steady rock show with a few high points but no downs. Yks millionen kiitos, D-A-D!

Text: Jaakko Suvanto
Photo: Mika Lehtola

Aihe(et): In English.