Modeselektor: Roland Space Echo Analog Delay Effects Unit

The second festival day is almost ending, and one would think people would start to feel a bit gloomy about the fast approaching end to the fun. No way, says I and a huge crowd of people dancing happily to the beats of Modeselektor, who played on YleX Stage.

Modeselektor comes from the promised land of electronic music, Germany, and they have been fiddling with various effects units basically since the fall of the Berlin Wall. The two members, Gernot Bronsert and Sebastien Szary, met in 1992 at an underground party where they were playing acid house. They would probably just make jokes if you asked them what genre their music is, and allegedly they’ve once described their music as “happy metal, hard rap, country-ambient & Russian crunk”. But when this dynamic duo climbs on stage and starts their show, you couldn’t care less about classifications.

It was pretty incredible how my tired legs started taking dance steps almost involuntarily, and the backpack that I had been carrying around all day seemed to lighten instantly. From the look of things around me, I wasn’t the only one feeling this way. Modeselektor played the gig confidently, dedicated to their material. The vector graphics and animations resembling Rubik cubes on the screen behind the duo, as well as the spotlights in front of the DJ desk, were great in creating ambiance visually.

It was so worth it to see this gig and if I got it right, I think they said it was their sixth time in Finland. Here’s to the seventh!

Text: Henkka Leppänen
Photo: Maria Sandell
Translation: Alma Tuominen

Aihe(et): In English.