What a show by Pariisin kevät!

It felt like Pariisin kevät, ”The Spring of Paris”, would have woken up the sleepy crowd. At least that was the mood behind the first rows. The audience was actually feeling so laid-back that many backs were literally touching the ground. I know, bad joke but in the middle of people half-sleep with their pizzas and cokes, what can you say.

If the audience in the back felt a bit exhausted, that was definitively not the case closer to the podium. Arto Tuunela, the lead vocalist of the group, and his many fans were enjoying the gig in a more energetic way. And not only Arto and his fellow musicians but a big mysterious gorilla and a wolf seemed to have a good time on the stage. I know there is a band called Super Furry Animals but this was something else – part of a great show tailored to the festival setting!

In addition to being a great start for the day at the big stage, there was something special in the air: ”Our first live show took place here in Ilosaari two years ago”, Arto Tuunela reminded of the speciality of Ilosaari as a venue. The audience warmly welcomed the group back to Ilosaari with loud singing when their favourite songs Kesäyö (summer night) and Tämän kylän poikii (lads from this village) were played. If you listened carefully, you could also hear the crowd in the back crawling out of their caves and joining in by humming their favourite songs.

Text: JH
Photo: Tuomas Vitikainen

Aihe(et): In English.