Beach party with JVG at Rentolava

The relaxed Rentolava by the lakeside was bathing in sun on Saturday-afternoon when JVG took over. At 3pm there were already heaps of hiphoppers and hipsters ready to have a beach party with the Finnish rapsters Jare and VilleGalle, JVG. These two Helsinki-based guys really know how to show a good time! They are keen to collaborate and this time was no exception, they brought onto the stage Finnish rap stars such as Juno and Nopsajalka who were welcomed with great applauses. The crowd was singing along and seemed to be very familiar with most of their songs. Their groovy beats and rythms, humorous lyrics and energetic performance were just the perfect ingredients for a sunny afternoon on the Ilosaari-beach.

The grande finale was of course their summer-vacation-praise Kran Turismo which has been one of this summer’s biggest hit songs in Finland. To make it perfect they only needed Raappana to appear for the catchy chorus – and he did! So yes, like the song goes, we’re on holiday at last, we can take it easy – beach, mojitos, mosquitos, sun burned skin – and JVG! Couldn’t ask for more!

Text: Maria Kalinainen

Aihe(et): In English.