Elokuu enchanted the summer night

On Saturday night the Rentolava was filled with people getting ready for the summer night’s dances well in advance and more kept flocking in after the party had already started. The easy-going tunes of traditional Finnish music combined with hiphop by Elokuu were tempting in the romantic lakeside milieu. Even without having listened to their album Hääväki Saapuu, it’s easy to take part in this cheerful feast.

The group started with a song called Tänä yön which is one of their catchiest tunes. The crowd was immediately in the party spirit and the singer Nopsajalka didn’t have to tell them twice to clap and dance and to cherish this night of love and caring.  Even though the lyrics weren’t familiar to all, they very soon would be. The songs are perfect sing-along-reggae-humppa-tunes.

It didn’t take long before those typical humppa-hopping-lines started to emerge twirling on the beach. Young and old, hippies and rockers were all jumping around in harmony. That was something beautiful and genuine, even if it was almost too crowded at points. There were as many people as the whole beach was full – some were even standing in the water!  For once we had a glimpse of that so-longed-for communal feeling! You could just feel the warmth and love around you- a carnaval without compare!

Teksti: Kaisa Kauppinen
Käännös: Maria Kalinainen
Picture: Veera Konsti

Aihe(et): In English.