Children of Bodom’s rough embrace

A week ago I was waiting nervously like so many others: what would happen to Children of Bodom‘s Ilosaari gig? Would it be cancelled like the shows in Oslo and at Ruisrock? Fortunately, our fears were unfounded; Alexi Laiho walked out of the hospital on Thursday, fit as a fiddle, to mete out metallic judgement here at Laulurinne.

The band didn’t need or wait any introductions, but kick-started the grinder precisely at six o’clock. Very punctual. At the same time, the sun decided to come pay homage to the Bodoms as well, and the hits started to roll under the direction of the guitar god.

The czar of the six-string was in a talkative mood throughout the show. He inquired the audience about their energy levels and if they had any juice left for a good head-banging. After hearing the desired answer, the prince of the pick commanded the assembled metal fans to form two mosh pits,  proceeding to blast any fatigue left in people’s bones with Silent Night, Bodom Night. No turning back now. The screens reveal that the pits have formed as ordered.

The band’s trademark car wreck is again present on stage, and the hull provides the avatar of the axe with a perfect platform to display the dazzling skill he’s known for. Towards the end of the gig, “Allu” admits that when the Oslo show was cancelled, he truly had little idea if he would be able to take the stage in Ilosaarirock and continues: “But I swear I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but here with you today!” Seems perfectly fit to me.

Thank you, Children of Bodom!

Text: Kaisa Kauppinen
Translation: Jari Rytkönen
Picture: Tuomas Vitikainen

Aihe(et): In English.