The Valkyrians

The Valkyrians closed off the Töminä Club with their home-grown ska rhytms. At first it seemed that the drizzling rain had hampered people’s festive moods somewhat, because only a handful of people had showed up, but once the band got their groove on, the cheerful beats started to attract more listeners.

The lively mood spread like wildfire, smiles crept on faces hooded by rain capes, and almost everyone felt the need to pick up the step and move around. The audience’s dance performances almost matched the vocalist Angster‘s moves on stage. Among other things, the singer roused the audience by swinging around among the crowd, and occasionally, in the stage structures.

The wild antics of Angster were easy to relate to and the hectic dancing made everyone break out in sweat even in the rapidly cooling evening. In the end, the drizzle was nothing but a welcome refreshment. Although the gig had come to an end, the words of the last song seemed appropriate: ”I don’t wanna go home”. Fortunately, Ilosaarirock is just beginning.

Text: Johanna Mikkola
Translation: Jari Rytkönen
Picture: Veera Konsti

Aihe(et): In English.