Bajo Cero brought some flamenco to Ilosaarirock

Seven musicians took to the small stage set up at the edge of the Main Stage drinks area. At the start of the gig, the musicians played mainly to the grass surrounding the stage, probably because of the light rain, but little by little, Bajo Cero drew in passersby and formed a crowd.

The Spanish-language songs with a dose of flamenco were refreshingly different and surprisingly catchy: easy to listen, but with something new. The seven-person crew also included some fiery dance numbers that were very alluring.

The audience showed some smiling, some captivated and some confused faces.  A few brave souls dared to dance, a rare occurrence in Finnish crowds, even when properly lubricated. Although the audience was a bit scattered, the band got a cheerful call for an encore. The few songs that they played formed an altogether too short a gig, and I am looking forward to their repeat appearance tomorrow!

Text: Johanna Mikkola
Translation: Jaakko Suvanto

Aihe(et): In English.