Rock’n roll is NOT dead

Michael Monroe performing as the closing act of Friday night’s Sulo-club was a moment we all had been waiting for! Many people had arrived to Sulo just to see him and the expectations were fulfilled to the maximum. Monroe with his band left no-one cold-hearted in the rain.

During the summer there had been several news about Michael Monroe climbing the stage structures and people were of course waiting for this scenario to take place in Ilosaari as well! The gig was full of energy and somewhere halfway through the set Monroe did indeed climb up the metal frame surrounding the stage. And as a cherry on the top – he did a spilt in the heights! How many fifty-year-olds could manage a stunt like that?

Monroe introduced his band in an international style in English, but when he asked “How’s it going North-Karelia” in Finnish, the locals went nuts! There was an amazing spirit  through the whole gig and some lucky ones even had a chance to touch their idol’s hand while Monroe was jumping almost into the audience! The frontman was rocking the stage with his epic saxofone, but unfortunately we didn’t get to see his trademark – the harmonica.

The set list included songs representing his career on a large scale. One of the most memorable ones was a song called ’78 from the album Sensory Overdrive. The audience was singing along and the artist undoubtedly enjoyed getting the crowd to switch into the full festival-gear!

This show left no-one with doubts: Michael Monroe is a true rocker!

Text: Tanja Immonen
Translation: Maria Kalinainen
Picture: Terhi Hytönen

Aihe(et): In English.