65daysofstatic is electric and puts us under a spell

Take a look at the audience during 65daysofstatic’s performance and you’ll see something unusual. Most of the crowd seems to be somewhere inside their own heads, on a journey lead by the British instumental quartet.

65daysofstatic’s music is a breathtaking combination of electronica and massive guitar sound walls. It’s not the easiest music to approach and it might take a minute to get a grip of it all, but it is definitely worth the try. If you let it, it will swipe you right off your feet.

Even though the band jokes around about how their songs are about “practicing safe sex” and so on, listening to songs like Radio Protector paints you beautiful pictures and takes you from one emotion to another in just seconds, rising from a delicate piano solo to a massive build-up.

Another thing that strikes me is how enthusiastic and skilled the band is on stage. The multi-instrumentalist musicians switch from keyboards to guitars mid-song like it was nothing. Also, the smiles on their faces while performing were priceless. The band seems very down to earth and all about the music, black-clad and concentrated on playing, which guarantees that the spotlight stays on their music.

Text: Maria Sandell
Photos: Tuukka Pakarinen

Aihe(et): In English.