Through the emerald forest with Swallow the Sun

Majestic and saturnine. Ethereal and Byronic. Swallow the Sun‘s music could be described with so many adjectives, but somehow the longer, bit archaic and literary ones seem more appropriate. Their latest album Emerald Forest and the Blackbird has been a success, and no wonder, as it does present the band at their best so far.

And as was expected, the gig started off with the title song from the new album, with the band posing against the harsh green light. Soon after it dawned on me at something was off, the sounds were a mush and the heavy bass dominated the soundscape. Fortunately, nothing was wrong with the sounds, the glitch was a bit closer to home. After small earplug-related adjustment (taking them off), everything reached crystal clarity, and I could readily enjoy the show.

The set consisted mostly of songs from the latest two albums (no live Anette Olzon on Cathedral Walls, but that was to be expected, I suppose), but the band did treat the long-time fans with Through Her Silvery Body in the end.

The band’s presence seemed a bit aloof and stiff at first, but after couple of songs and increasing towards the end, they loosened up seemingly and really threw themselves into the show (at times it seemed that Munter‘s Korg was about to became collateral damage, so intense was the man’s headbanging). Excellent gig all in all.

Oh, and by the way, have you seen a drummer keep a beat and drink beer at the same time? I have, now.

Text: Jari Rytkönen
Picture: Sampsa Geijer

Aihe(et): In English.