Looking for true love: Reckless Love

How many of you still remember the bubbly feeling when you were in Ilosaarirock for the first time? Did you perhaps dance throughout the festival, spent nights partying without any sleep? Or maybe there were shyly exchanged glances when searching for the most perfect festival sweetheart? Were you ready to do almost anything to catch that lover?

The gig of Reckless Love from Kuopio included all those elements, however, lacking the shyness. By watching the performance of the quartet, anybody could tell that they were openly looking for true love.

Like it would have based on a tacit consensus, the sun had slowly come back before Reckless love started playing. Jalle, the bass guitarist told the audience that they have a special blessing when it comes to the weather: only once has it been raining when Reckless Love was on the stage. Pretty well regarding the fact that Finland is not at all considered as a tropical country.

The gig started in diva-like settings as the band played Animal attraction, and Olli Herman agreed to say a few words only after the third song,while the potential girlfriend candidates were impatiently awaiting. Maybe this was Reckless Love’s way to play a hard to get.

When Savonian pride is combined to a great looks and charisma (not so typical for Savonian people), it became soon clear who has the lead here. At the latest, during Born to break your heart it became public that the lads are hitting on the innocent listeners. Beautiful bomb, Back to paradise and On the radio-hits as well as the constant changing of the vocalist and ”in love with Joensuu”-confessions of the bass player Jalle, tamed the audience to the will of the band. Dance, Wild touch and Hot, heard at the end of the gig, did not leave any room for doubts about the spirit of the gig – hot!

At this stage, the things had moved on with the new festival lover. Hands sought out to hips, cheek to cheek and fingers crossing each other. This is what living in the moment really means. It looks like that these Ilosaari-virgin-glam rockers found what they had come to look for – a festival lover from Karelia!

Text: Sari Asikainen
Translation: JH

: Mika Lehtola


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