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Cool vibes in the sun – Komposti Sound and Kermaset in Rentolava

15.7.2012 | Aiheet: In English

Local DJ talents Kermaset put together an afternoon hour of hip hop with a touch of soul that would have gotten an average night club dance floor bouncing. Most likely, the Rentolava crowd would have approved their selection of music, … Lue lisää »

Elokuu enchanted the summer night

14.7.2012 | Aiheet: In English

On Saturday night the Rentolava was filled with people getting ready for the summer night’s dances well in advance and more kept flocking in after the party had already started. The easy-going tunes of traditional Finnish music combined with hiphop … Lue lisää »

Quirks and Kicks – The Iiris Experience

14.7.2012 | Aiheet: In English

Iiris took to the YleX stage with confidence rarely possessed by artists her age, donning attire mixing Catholic school uniform, the girl from The Ring, and platform shoes. From the first notes of Curaga, the first song of both the … Lue lisää »

Pulled Apart By Horses makes you sweat!

14.7.2012 | Aiheet: In English

Pulled Apart By Horses pulles you to an indoors stage when the sun is shining and makes you dance and sweat your brain out. If you’ve heard Pulled Apart By Horses before and seen footage of their live performances you’ll know they’re an … Lue lisää »

Energetic jam session with Rival Sons

14.7.2012 | Aiheet: In English

Rival Sons was probably one of the most expected bands this year in Ilosaarirock, and one doesn’t need to look too far for the reason. The second album Pressure & Time has been lauded in media since it’s release, and … Lue lisää »

Twenty Years of Mayhem

14.7.2012 | Aiheet: In English

The crowd is getting restless, the clock is ticking nearer to 6.00 pm on Saturday the 14th of July. On Sue Stage the atmosphere is thick with anticipation. Many have waited for this moment for years and now the time … Lue lisää »

Relentless Throws a Luau

14.7.2012 | Aiheet: In English

I’m late for my appointment with Relentless, a local up-and-comer band. As I finally make my way to the Rekka Stage I’m a bit confused: how am I suddenly in Hawaii? In addition to the energized musicians, the stage is … Lue lisää »

Take it personally!

14.7.2012 | Aiheet: In English

Standing still was not possible when Paleface started the gig and wanted to see all the hands up in the air, of course. However, the physical exercise was not enough for Paleface. In addition to offering an energetic set mainly … Lue lisää »

Fear, anxiety and desperation

14.7.2012 | Aiheet: In English

The sun disappears behind a cloud and it starts to rain. It’s chilly and wet. I look around and see no smiling faces, only fear, desperation and confusion. A baby cries somewhere in the distance. A group of men stands … Lue lisää »

Stellar show by the Little Jack

14.7.2012 | Aiheet: In English

Small group of fans is screaming madly in front of the stage well before the first sight of Little Jack. These locals know they are about to see a stellar show. Little Jack, the winners of the Rokit competition, may … Lue lisää »

Lapko Brought the Love

14.7.2012 | Aiheet: In English

Take that, weather forecasts and naysayers! No rain this Saturday, or at least this hour! There was only sunshine and smiles in and around the YleX tent as the trio known as Lapko took on the responsibility and honor of … Lue lisää »

Looking for true love: Reckless Love

14.7.2012 | Aiheet: In English

How many of you still remember the bubbly feeling when you were in Ilosaarirock for the first time? Did you perhaps dance throughout the festival, spent nights partying without any sleep? Or maybe there were shyly exchanged glances when searching … Lue lisää »

Räjäyttäjät – pure TNT

14.7.2012 | Aiheet: In English

“Anarchism works in theory but not in practice” was the first comment I heard when I walked in through the gates. This deep analysis hit me like a hundred thousand volts straight into my brain. Oh yes, welcome back to … Lue lisää »

Terveet kädet

14.7.2012 | Aiheet: In English

Ok, I have to admit it was my first time seeing Terveet Kädet live. I’m ashamed a bit. Or I would be anyway if someone would recognise me or read this stuff. This band is a hardcore legend, not only … Lue lisää »

Web media, at your service!

14.7.2012 | Aiheet: In English, Verkkotoimitus

The Ilosaarirock web media is camped out at our usual hunting grounds behind the Main Stage, but now amid a totally new soundscape.  The new layout for the festival area has brought some sound and fury to the reporters, photographers … Lue lisää »