“Isn’t This a Bit Like Happoradio?” – Hebosagil

I set out to report on Hebosagil’s gig with a feeling of dread. I’m not familiar with the band or the genre. How is this going to turn out?

Before the gig a group of six friends are waiting at the front of the stage. They tell me they’ve come to the Rekka Stage through portal that was full of bananas. I also hear that the music is going to be some sort of heavy metal. One of the group is also interested in how the gig will affect the financial crisis in Europe.  “This is purely a matter of money” says he, enlightening both me and his buddies.

Suddenly a scream breaks the steady murmur of the crowd  as someone is doing a bungee jump from the crane next to the Rekka Stage. Soon the annonuncer climbs on the stage though: ”Do you want to hear some northern noise?!” and instantly the ululations of the bungee-jumpers become a distant memory. “Finally!” someone from the audience exclaims

The band commences playing after the singer Tatu has said ”Hi”. After that the band spends no time on such idle blather. The playing is fiercely energetic and the vocalist stands at the front like an obelisk, ranting in his handsome voice in proper prophetic fashion. Heads full of long, black hair are banging in the audience and I, too, find that I’m enjoying the band’s uncompromising approach quite a bit!

As the gig progresses, I find myself wondering what is the source of the mystical energy that is so evident in the performance. It speaks to me. It has to be something recognizable and, perhaps, universal. Maybe it is rage caused by one’s own feeling of powerlessness. As regards the aforementioned European financial crisis for instance.

Text: Outi Sulopuisto
Photo: Terhi Hytönen
Translation: Juha Peuhkuri


Aihe(et): In English.