Third time’s the charm

Hey, get out of my living room please! Oh yeah, I’m at Ilosaarirock… My feet feel heavy and my muscles are starting to cramp, and my thoughts are getting cloudy as well. Despite that I find myself listening to the last act of the day on the Ylex Stage. They are London’s amazing gift to the world, The xx. And it’s sweet: I’ve got my honey right here with me.

When Romy Madley Croft (singing/guitar), Oliver Sim (singing/bass) and Jamie Smith (beats) first started their band back in 2005, they probably never guessed their success would bring them to Joensuu and to a tent full of excited viewers, waiting to hear their atmospheric new wave pop.

The gig started with a few technical difficulties and it took three trys to get the music flowing. Their music is minimalistic: the listener gets a lot for very little. Observant listeners noticed that a few tracks from their debut album xx had been given a total revamp. And what the hell, it works. It was altogether a very enjoyable gig: it made me sway, dance and hug in equal measures. Maybe a hint of sleepiness was detected in their performance. Or maybe it was just me…

When the evening ends at the YleX Stage I’ve got nice new memories of Ilosaarirock and The xx, and of those sweet kisses.

Text: Henkka Leppänen
Photo: Risto Kuittinen
Translation: Alma Tuominen

Aihe(et): In English.