Dreamy pop from Regina

Today Regina played one of their last gigs in a long time. They’re taking a break of indefinite length for a reason that became instantly obvious when they walked on stage: Iisa Pykäri, the lead singer, is heavily pregnant. That didn’t stop her from giving an excellent performance, though, and all in all the gig was very enjoyable.

On their last album, Soita mulle, Regina moved away from their roots in electropop and fused more guitars with their sound. This was the backdrop today as well: it was mainly songs from Soita mulle. They only played a few songs from their previous albums, which is a shame, because they are very good. They had rearranged their old hits Saanko jäädä yöksi and Minua ollaan vastassa to suit their current guitar-driven sound, which gave new dimensions to the old and familiar songs.

The atmosphere in the YleX tent was cheery, nearly playful. The audience loved the numbers from earlier albums, and welcomed a calmer period during the show when the trio played two more serene songs. It seemed like the most appropriate way to spend a Sunday afternoon: listening to dreamy pop, delivered by Iisa Pykäri’s delicate voice. There’s something about her voice that’s compelling: it’s child-like and powerful at the same time. Their stage presence is mainly centered around Iisa, and it’s unpretentious: it’s just the music and the people.

Regina‘s pop had the audience dancing throughout the gig and their performance was good, if a little subdued. I really enjoyed watching them, and I hope to see them in Joensuu again when they return from their break.

Text: Alma Tuominen
Photo: Maria Sandell

Aihe(et): In English.