PMMP – Extra Hot, Super Cool!

In the summer of ’03 PMMP‘s first single ”Rusketusraidat” hit the radio waves and became the definite summer hit ruling the Finnish charts as the number one single for 11 weeks. And PMMP launched into the high orbit of Finnish popular music, where they’ve been ever since.

This year the band graced the Ilosaarirock Main Stage with its presence once again, this time touring for their sixth album entitled Rakkaudesta. Indeed, the set contained a fair number of songs from the new album.

The audience’s reaction was positive from the get-go only to blast through the metaphorical roof with such much loved favourites as Kesäkaverit (Summer Buddies) or Matkalaulu from the band’s earlier releases. This web press representative for one saw many a group of summer buddies dancing happily to these hit songs. Hell, there was even a bear in the audience!

Live, PMMP is a sight to behold. The charismastic vocalist duo Mira Luoti and Paula Vesala are known for their energetic stage antics which ranged this time from acrobatics like cartwheels and handstands to moves that would fit right into a modern dance performance. And sporting the kind of stage costumes as these to wonder women do, they would fit right in in a group of super heroines or indian warrior princesses.

The band’s music doesn’t play second fiddle to the eye candy though: the tunes themselves are very catchy without ever drifting to the shallows of the trite or obvious. The lyrics too are shock full of attitude and drive, the subject matter ranging from careless summer fun with friends to domestic violence or poor sex life with the significant other.

Alas, the whole set wasn’t plain sailing: during Päät soittaa there were some technical difficulties with microphones. The problem was quickly solved however, and the tech guy even got a smooch from the lovely singers.

The rest of the gig went smoothly and there was even a surprise guest on stage as Tommy Lindgren of Don Johnson Big Band fame joined the band during Tytöt, a girl power anthem from the new album.

The slight drizzle at the end of the gig only served to cool down the audience for the closing of the performance. This Ilosaari Web Media representative sure wasn’t the only one left hungry for more. PMMP, welcome again next year!

Text: Juha Peuhkuri
Photo: Mika Lehtola

Aihe(et): In English.