Haloo Joensuu!

“Hello Joensuu!” shouted Elli of Haloo Helsinki! to kick off Ilosaarirock 2012. What a perfect way to start – this group of 3 young lads and the beautiful rock princess Elli is full of energy and they succeeded in making the audience feel the joy and rock. What most people know about this band is their hit song Maailman toisella puolen (‘On the other side of the world’) which turned out to be one of the most played songs of last year in Finland. This time they saved the most popular for the last, but actually the whole gig was full of great songs that would prove to the not-so-acquainted-listener that there is much more to Haloo Helsinki than “Babadadudadapa”.  They kept their listeners well in their grasp with a mixture of old songs and new, punk style and rock ballad.

A positive surprise was also the unity and dynamics of the band; it’s not only about Elli (the Finnish version of Gwen Stefani dare I say?) – this is a group of four musicians and all of them got to show their talent and energy. Most of their fan base is quite young of age but here in Ilosaari we saw people from different age groups enjoying their music and performance with a smile and a feeling of sharing something together. What is it that they talk about then in their songs that is so appealing to many? For one, I think the fact that they sing in Finnish brings authenticity and depth to their lyrics. The topics deal with love and relationships – and those are common to us all. They also provided us with some guidelines for good living – to cherish our loved-ones and to take care of ourselves.

The highlight of the gig was of course the whole audience waving hands and singing Maailman toisella puolen: “Dad I’m here on the other side of the world, Mum don’t be afraid I will take care of myself” sending greetings to the worried parents, we are all fine and having a great time here in Ilosaari! Quoting their song Perjantai (‘Friday’) I’d say Haloo Helsinki! really kicked the doors open for this Friday – a Friday when everything changes. Ilosaari 2012 has begun!

Text: Maria Kalinainen

Aihe(et): In English.