Enochian Crescent – On leaden wings

Music festivals are favourable breeding ground for contrasts. The multitude of different shades and emotions is astounding, moods change from fun to fragile in a heartbeat. The variations of feelings we all share are written on the faces of people around you.

Now, when you usually think about black metal as a genre, these kind of thoughts rarely cross your mind. This was not the case with animalistically brutal Enochian Crescent, here at the Sue Stage in Ilosaari in 2012.

The lyrical offerings of the band took the listeners from clarity to turmoil and back, and stripped minds of unnecessary burden, burning them clean in fires of their act. A hefty dose of black music for those who had come to enjoy such feelings.

Text: Henkka Leppänen
Translation: Jari Rytkönen
Kuva: Nuutti Turkki

Aihe(et): In English.