Jamming and headbanging on a Sunday morning

At 1 pm Sunday “morning” the YleX-tent was already full of enthousiastic festival-goers. It was time for Finnish folklore-metal band Amorphis to bring about some grooves to get the day started. They were more than apt for this task – their set started with a mellow acoustic jamming session. Singer Tomi Joutsen was pleased to see so many people on their feet, and promised to give a smooth start to relieve our possible headaches. The acoustic guitars and keyboards were accompanied by saxophone and flute, played by guest artist Sakari Kukko. The band also had a female backing vocalist Mari Multanen which proved  to be a good idea. The acoustic part of the gig was of course very different than the Amorphis we know from back-in-the-day. The audience’s reaction was very supportive and all in all the ambiance in the YleX-tent was very lyrical and pleasant – Tomi Joutsen commented that he felt shivers!

A version of their first album song Sign from the North Side got the audience all pumped up with a mixture of fast drums, some chanting and keyboard/saxofone grooves. After this the whole band disappeared for a moment- and the audience was clapping fiercly ; maybe some of them already knew what was coming next – the electric guitars and metal sounds! And wow what a turn-over to a true metal show! It was like an explosion when they started to play Leaves scar from their 2006 album Eclipse.

At this point the fans at the front row were headbanging and it seemed that there was some kind of a wave of energy that floated through the tent as Tomi Joutsen was setting an example with his dreadlocks doing cartwheels on stage. They kept the spirit up with some newer material and the crowd was loving it clapping and shouting at every possible moment. And then they started to play a tune that made the old-school-fans happy – Alone. This led to some sing-along and fierce applause! Tomi seemed very impressed and said this gig just might be one of the highlights of the summer! And I agree – it was a really good crowd of people, boys and girls, old and young, metalheads and all-round-music-diggers, everyone enjoying the good vibe.

The gig ended with a visiting star Mikko Herranen to sing the backrounds to House of Sleep, which got the audience hyped up as well. What a shame that it had to end there, it seemed that the band was also unwilling to stop playing to such a lovely audience… Anyway, a great start for the day with Amorphis!

Text: Maria Kalinainen
Photo: Mika Lehtola

Aihe(et): In English.