Do you want some f***in metal!?

Apocalyptica had their audience all warmed up right from the first song. During the gig the mood switched from somber ballads to heavy, heavy metal. The rock folk at Laulurinne were treated to beautiful chello melodies. The band’s more somber songs got the most applause from the crowd. Eicca, Perttu, Paavo and drummer Mikko truly owned their audience.

The band didn’t forget to pay several compliments to Ilosaarirock and to their audience. Perttu Kivilaakso told the crowd that “Ilosaarirock is one of the best festivals in Finland, maybe even one of the best in the world!“Though the band wanted more noise from the audience, and the audience gladly complied.

Guest singer Tipe Johnson took to the stage to sing Not Strong Enough and I’m Not Jesus. Halfway through the gig the band played Last Hope. This got the audience wild, and the band even wilder, displaying some amazing postures of chello yoga. By this time even the most die-hard rock cops were whipping their hair with the rest. Apocalyptica has definitely pushed the envelope on chello playing!

Throughout the gig, Paavo was flirting with the audience. The ladies in the front row certainly didn’t mind some suggestive looks from his chocolate brown eyes! The audience also received some amusing suggestions from the band. Eicca got a roaring reply to his request to “raise your hands and make some noise.” He also asked the audience if they “want some f***in metal!?” The decibels from the crowd rivaled those of the speaker tower: the audience did want some f***in metal, and they got some f***in metal!

At the end of the show, Apocalyptica played In the Hall of the Mountain King. Eicca encouraged the audience to “trolololo” along, since the song is an instrumental.  The band wanted to hear some singing. At the end of the gig, Eicca promised to be back soon. Hope to see you again, Apocalyptica!

Text: Tanja Immonen
Photographs: Mika Lehtola
Translation: Jaakko Suvanto

Aihe(et): In English.