LAS – Dusky beats under the birch trees

The clock’s about to strike three, and the front of the Truck Stage doubles as a waiting lounge for the couple handfuls of people who’ve come to see LAS, the pride of Joensuu’s electronic music scene. Interim entertainment is provided by a six-strong family of ducks quacking happily nearby; the antics of our ducky friends bring about chuckles from the audience.

Soon the artist is announced, the bass starts to boom and the ducks return whence they had come. Slow, dusky beats and the Finnish summer day start to weave into each other: a combination, which at first seems rather demanding. The sun stays hidden behind the mass of clouds, and the birch trees growing behind the stage pay silent, unmoving witness to the scene. The audience’s demeanour remains composed, even if they seem to enjoy what they’re hearing. After a few songs, the crowd warms up a little more and even demonstrates a few dance moves, but I’m starting to think that I’m most definitely wrong in thinking that the number of people dancing directly correlates to the quality of the show. This is the kind of music that you dig unobtrusively, without unnecessary ado. The artist himself is playing things discreet on the stage, it’s the music that has the lead role here.

The dark undertones are layered with lighter melodies, and perhaps that is just allegorical enough to work perfectly in the Finnish summer evening, because halfway during the show the sun finally returns to greet the festival goers, and more people arrive to listen to LAS’s electric wizardry.

Text: Outi Sulopuisto
Translation: Jari Rytkönen
Pictures: Tuukka Pakarinen

Aihe(et): In English.